Sian Sanderson Promo shoot

Sian Sanderson Posing for a shot we took mid June

Sian Sanders promo shoot

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Sian Sanderson a talented singer songwriter. She approached me a few months ago and asked if I would like to work with her and get some shots she can use for her online presence. I instantly said yes and brought a good friend of mine Katy Sparkes onboard who was responsible for the awesome zombie shoot I did about 6 or so weeks ago. We had actually been discussing how badly we wanted to photograph a female with tattoos and a rock n roll look just before Sian approached me so it must have been a sign or something.

The brief was open as she had no real ideas as far as direction or styles went just as long as it wasn’t the whole long grass or forest set ups that seem to spam alot of the interweb. After a bit of thinking it and looking at some of the styles of my favourite photographers I had a concept of her taking high tea at a really posh location and surrounded by bright cakes and indulgence.

This for me seemed a great way to juxtaposition her alternative look and style with something that be taken as a fashion shoot as well as a promo for a singer. With this brief I sorted the location at originally the Oatlands Park Hotel but upon a recce thought it was not swish enough for what I needed. Roll on to a bit of a panic the week before the shoot. I have the model, all the props and dress sorted, the makeup artist was set just no location.

Thanks to the Nic and Karen at the Hand and Spear pub in Weybridge, Owners of the recently refurbished Youngs pub. The styling was just what i was  I had in mind and just an awesome location. Regarding the butler the wonderful Andy Jackson an old friend of mine seemed to just work so well with Sian, both looks and personality wise. A good laugh was had and just really glad it went so well!

The shoot was fast and went well. The retouching was minimal due to great makeup and a clear skinned model. Overall it was a great shoot, and really looking forwards to the next one! so if you have any ideas or suggestions get in contact!

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