Paperchain gets its picture taken

The other week Geraint from paperchain said that his shop needed some new imagery and a storefront shot to go on the website. Obviously I said I would love to do it as a keen photographer and a good friend of the shop.

I have worked with Geraint previously on some new product shots for the website which came out really well. You can currently check them out on the paperchain website.

After work in London doing my day job we headed over to the shop. I always shocked with the amount of kit I have bought and collected in the last couple of years! Assisted by another good friend and talented make up artist Katy Sparkes and of course supervised by paperchains director Geraint Smith we hot footed it in to Kingston and got set up!

The shop is much bigger than I could handle with even an 18-55mm kit lens so I had to set the D300s up on a tripod and shoot thR shop in sections and stitch it together in post. (something I hadn’t done until this project!) but I am really happy with the end result and think that it shows the shop in an interesting way.

I hope you enjoy it and come visit the shop soon!

For anything photography related you can contact me on

panorama of Paperchain stopre front

Cheers for now!

Shot using:
Nikon D300s
18-55mm nikon kit lens
SB900 with a 76cm softbox at one end
SB800 with reflected umbrella at the other

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