New year…Lots to be done!

OK, So its the first day back at work!

Not done a single job today which is very very unusual! its been so quiet! I have a feeling the rest of the week shall be busy once everyone has blwn off the cob webs from thier keyboards since leaving them over Christmas!.

I have been busy moving to my new hosting company and migrating the old blog to the new wordpress I have installed. The Email has been transfered from my good friend over at I have started working on the new site and have a couple of rough ideas which i am using as a starting point. The First is a typical site with Nav bars along the top, It looks OK but everything at this point its just better to get stuff down!

Version 1 Site Dev

Dev Mock up 1

Next I worked on something a bit more minimalist and just used a single colour. and a nice typeface. I was looking at bands myspace pages and really liked the way that the the navigation worked with the main image. and was spaced across the screen with different weights of the font to break it up and allow the overall design to breathe.

This has No allowance for widgets or twitter feeds in it yet and all those bits of tech that seem to be popular to include in peoples sites at the moment.

Version 2 Mock up

Version 2 Mock up

They are not much at the moment, but it feels great to be doing someting for myself again after such a long time doing stuff for someone else! the only trouble is I don’t really know how to guage the work that i am doing/working on. But I figure its best to be learning little bits rather than nothing. I need to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks and just DO IT!!

Along with that I have been reminding myself of actually how I am going to build the site, how everything in HTML and CSS works again after such a long time!

With other news. The new Nikon 35mm 1.8G lens i bought from Jessops is awesome and I can’t recommend it highly enough! Its crisp and fast and does everything i need…Until i upgrade my Camera body Later in the year. January is going to be busy for my social life as I am going to York to stay in a Log Cabin, which is going to be awesome! going to take plenty of wildlife photos! Chill in a nice warm Hot Tub! Watch films and chill!

On the Note of my ever growing art collection I have got my limited edition Jordan Buckley Print framed in a lovely Gloss Black Metal Frame and have also managed to get my Grubby Hands on His “Cant Run Anymore” Print check it out at:

It wasn’t very expensive but I am s glad i managed to get hold of one of the 150 Ltd Prints sold…Standing by for it to be delivered!

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