My first Exhibition 2013

Well it was not technically my first exhibition, BUT, it felt like it. I put my pictures up, wrote a biography, cringed a little whilst doing it, sent out invites, panicked that I hadn’t got enough money for booze and then relaxed and got on with talking about my photography with the family, friends and guests that had come along to have a beer and look at my work.

It was one of the most amazing things that I have done with regards to feeling like I am actually getting somewhere with photography! Last year I really upped my game and got on with some serious promotion and really wanted to make things happen. The exhibition was originally intended to be help at Gramercy Park Studios in soho, the shots were held there for a while, but i was never giving the opportunity to invite guests and actually exhibit my work, so I held another showing, at JWT in their reception area. Plenty of people from the agency turned up, I got to chat about work and future projects. had beers! All-in-all it was a lot of fun! I have to Thank all the staff at JWT for allowing me to show my work, John Proudfoot and Stuart Westcott for their amazing retouching skills, Monica Mazzini, Tim Marney, all the Models and also Jerry Tout who without him non of this would have been possible! Thanks!

JWT Reception Exhibition

JWT Reception Exhibition

My Biography


shots of portraits

Urban portrait


Trails #2

High Tea #1

High Tea #2

High Tea #3

Exhibition view


Trails #3


Wide shot of Exhibition

Wide shot of Exhibition #2



  • Thanks! Well Last year was a year of achieving some of my life goals! Like getting one of my shots in a magazine… of which i had the cover of a newspaper, Professional Photographer and other such publications so this really was a Huge thing for me! It was great to see people looking at my work, coming over and talking to me about it and having a good time. I am proud of the work, but I am also glad that it’s done and dusted. I want to look to the future now and create more work to exhibit thats even better than this collection.

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