Morellas Promo Shoot

Recently I took on a project with the Morellas, a 1940’s inspired vocal group. The shoot was to generate promo images to be used on Britain and Ireland’s next top model live show and also their own website and social networking sites. It was a seriously busy day, I arrived at 9am with a car full of kit and the 5 girls were already getting hair and make-up done. by 1.30 they were ready for me to start shooting. The girls wanted individual shots so i did a range of tight crops and bust shots. I also managed to get in a quick group shot.

Lucy Pose 1Alice Pose 1Lolo Morellas Pose 1Corrine Pose 1Becky Pose 2Lola Morellas Pose 2

Hair by Jo wells, Make-up by Amy-Lei. Photography and retouching by Alan Harford The images came out great. It was a fantastic project to have been involved in as i got to really play around with lighting within a limited space and try and get a nice even lighting and pick out the detail in the girls hair and make-up.

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