I used to be in a band…

I love the act that my friends and I go way back! because we have history together. People collect shit and hold on to stuff and create memories together. Another lifetime ago i used to play in a band… We definately were not the best but it was hella fun and rocked out rather than smoking crack rocks under the skate ramps at the local park!

I thought that this needed to be shared with my friends who might remember all these memories and to show to my new friends that i once created something. After all that is all i want to do as a “Designer/creative minded person”. Creative something and leave a memory, and say, I WAS ERE!

enjoy…or not!

thanks Doug for finding this Gem and thanks to the other guys involved for being a part of those memories!

System 2 was the Band and the song was Called Thirst. I played guitar!


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