Gig flyer Design for Foley Artist

I seem to be working alot with the Foley Artist at the moment, having shot two promo shoots with them and also shooting a live performance video with them, they seem to be liking what i am doing (which is always a good thing). For any band gigs are the life blood, they get them out there and infront of crowds, the more you play the bigger the crowds (if your any good that is). I think these guys are a great bunch and really enjoy their music. As a client they are pretty easy which is always a nice change, they give me a fairly open brief and let me get on with it. I had seen a few of the examples they had put together which was a kind of DIY punk style with cut out images and a rough looking type style. With that in mind i really wanted to use images that i had taken from the promo session i had done previously.


In my opinion when doing a flyer for a fairly unknown band its important that the flyers are clean, clean and accessible. I see so many flyers for heavy metal bands or indie bands that play the London circuit and you can barely read them, they are certainly pretty to look at as a piece of “flyer art” as I call it, but for the 3 seconds people normally spend reading flyers its got to get the bite size bit of information to it’s audience quickly.


Foley Artist gig flyer

With a shot selected I took the supplied examples from the band and chose a very clean Gotham font and a selective colour pallet as the starting point. The type coming at angles frames the main body of text and works with the image subjects. Designing a flyer is not something that i would normally rave about or i would say i do lots of but when trying to get in to the music design scene, these small jobs and favours add up. A firstly successful execution i feel and would certainly work as a template for this bands future flyers. building up a brand identity is almost as important as writing great music to bring in the crowds.

For more information on this band check them and their FREE E.P out over at their Bandcamp Page

If you would like to see some of the shots i have done for these guys there are some older posts here

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