Elissa Franceschi Website and CD Artwork

I’ve just started work on my Girlfriends website http://www.elissafranceschi.com to help her promote and act as a landing site for her New album Into the Light. Of which the Artwork was designed by myself. It was a big style rush job and was Design and built in 2 evenings. The eCommerce shop was done by a friend Jan Leeks who is a genious and not just web development but anything Arsenal! the Man is a ledge!


The site needed to be clean and simple, Be straight forwards for me to build and use the existing look and feel for the new album. Using a shot that didn’t make the cut for the album artwork (Taken by Josh Jones) The image needed extending as did most of the images in this artwork. Something i will insist the Photographers to do next time i do artwork for a CD is tell them to SHOOT WIDE! its all very well making a nice looking image but its not good when you have 12 songs of lyrics to include along with the standard Please and Thank yous that Albums tend to include.

Its been really simple to do as most of the framework had already been set up previously, the Bio page and Store page and the Blog. It was just up to me to tie them up to an umbrella page and develop a Picture Gallery. In time additional pages will come such as gig pages but for now it was just important for us to get site up ready for the launch of the album, which appears to have been very well received!!



Also this weekend I’ve been using my Nikon D300s to use for video work recording video blogs for Elissa and I have to say i am not very happy with it. Really bad camera noise which is audioble when filming, even when using an off camera microphone. I think the Canon 550D will be bough and in my mitts in no time at this rate!!


If only i could afford the 5D!!!


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