Digital Holga Camera

I’ve just seen this and loved the idea of it but it made me wonder if it’s a good innovation or if it goes against the whole point of these types of cameras…If you’re into cameras etc that is!


a pre-visualisation render

With applications like Hipstamatic and Instagram such a huge hit on iPhones and other such generic smart phones, digital cameras are developing and closing the gap between colour information, 35mm film and medium format quality images. Just look at the quality you can get from a consumer level SLR like the 550D compared to an earlier “Professional” standard camera, it would make sense for someone to think up a Lomography or toy camera digital version of these much loved cult cameras.

Lomography explained:

I would probably buy one of these because it’s a neat idea and a gimmick, but the whole fun and cult following of “toy” or “Lomography” cameras is that you really don’t know how the images are going to look until you get that film back from the lab. Common defects and aesthetic variables such as  light leaks on the film, out of focus, over/under exposed shots. Each camera seems to have its own personality and quality, but is the innovation of a Digital Holga camera a step towards a homogeneous kind of Lomographyesque photography where people know exactly how shots are going to come out – with a colour grade and film grain look  on it, nodding back to those early cameras and styles of photography? These cameras open up the market to everyone who wants to take quirky pictures at a better resolution than is currently available with smartphone Apps and without learning how to do it in photoshop/aperture and it also eliminates the expense of developing and printing your negatives.

It’s a bit of a rant and I guess the same things might have been said about everything that has gone from analogue to digital, but at least when digital cameras were invented it was a whole new world to photography. Is this just another gimmick for people to put bad photos on Facebook?

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